Tour de Breweries Wrap Up

The beer flowed, the KM's flew by and we had a great time.

In a way we followed in the steps of the early Tour de France. Riders would descend like locusts on the villages they passed through, raiding bars for as much food and drink as possible. The difference being, the bar owners sent the Tour de France a bill and ‘doméstiques’, the teams’ minor riders, would be the rider that would stop, then ferry beer back to the race leaders. Maybe I'll work on that for the next Tour.


Below you'll find some photos from the day. Maybe someday they will serve as nostalgic images to some future cycling enthusiasts.

They'll wonder how we ever rode those antique bikes.

Thanks again!

Special thanks to ride captains Phil and Dale, France for neutral support and Jade for the photos.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Posted by Bike Centric on Monday, June 15, 2015