About Us

Bike Centric was born out of the love of cycling and art. Our passion for both runs deep. We would like to share that passion with you.

The creative side of Bike Centric is Joe McNamara. He's ridden around the block a few times and the inspiration for his designs comes from those rides. When he is not riding, he is thinking about the memories of rides past. "Having a piece of art on my wall that I can focus on lets me know that the next adventure is just around the corner, and that's a comforting feeling". 

Joe has been designing cycling jerseys, posters and logos for over 30 years. Bike Centric brings his designs to full production under one brand. 

Joe jumps on the bike for any length of trip be in a short jaunt to the coffee shop or Back Road Balling© on his all-road bike. He just wants to "Be Bike Centric" and hopes you do too.

The adventure side of Bike Centric is Steve Sutherland's domain. Steve is an adventure seeking engineer and cyclist. He has a solid business background, including business development, and a strong flare for style. He is in charge of the administrative functions, including public relations, marketing, tour organization, our online presence, and consultations on future business.

But when he is not pushing paper, he's pounding the pedals and has a never-ending desire for other outdoor adventure activities such as winter camping, backpacking, bikepacking and skiing, that satisfy his needs, and sometimes get him into trouble!

One of his favourite sayings is “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.”

We're located in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada which is central to some of the best riding in Eastern Ontario and Northern New York State and have spent countless hours riding these roads. To the East is Montreal which has been called the most bike friendly city in North America. It's really an ideal location to satisfy a cyclists needs.

If you own a coffee shop, bike shop or would like to display some Bike Centric designs on a commission basis, we would love to talk. You can reach us by filling out the form below.

You can find Bike Centric on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest .